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About Department

Along the 7517 KMs coastline of India, 12 Major Ports and about 200 non-major ports are in existence spread across 8 Maritime States and 2 Union Territories. The Major Ports are governed by the Government of India under the Major Port Trust Act 1963 and the non major ports are governed by the respective Maritime States under the Indian Ports Act, 1908. Amongst the Maritime States, Gujarat has the longest coastline of about1600 KMs with one major port and about 40 non-major ports.Tamil Nadu has the second longest coastline (1076 KMs) with 3 major ports and 17 non-major ports. The non-major ports in Tamil Nadu were administered and controlled by the Tamil Nadu Port Department. Keeping in line with the maritime history and in realising the need for growth in the maritime sector, the erstwhile Tamil Nadu Port Department was converted into Tamil Nadu Maritime Board under the Tamil Nadu Maritime Board Act, 1995 (Tamil Nadu Act 4/96) with effect from 18.03.1997. The Honarable Minister for Highways and Minor Ports, Government of Tamil Nadu is the ex-officio Chairman of the Board�bfa9d<a>l1l3u


             To facilitate establishment of Port based Thermal Power Plants by providing exclusive port facilities.

             To provide port facilities to promote export oriented Industries and port based industries along the coastal.

             To decongest Highways and Railways by providing facilities for Coastal Traffic along the East Coast.

             To promote Tourism, Cruises and Coastal trade.